Dr. habil. Ulf von Kalckreuth, born in June 1963, male, German citizen.

I am Principal Advisor in the Centre of Excellence, founded in 2022 in DG Statistics of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Germany. There, I am responsible for research coordination in the Directorate, methodological innovation and international relations.

Earlier, I directed the Corporate Balance Sheet Statistics and coordinated the implementation of an integrated micro-data based information and analysis system (IMIDIAS), designed to serve as a hub for micro data in the Bundesbank – both externally and internally. In the Research Department of the Bundesbank, I set up the German PHF, a large scale panel survey on household finance.

In 1998, I entered the Deutsche Bundesbank, having completed my PhD studies at the University of Mannheim. Ten years later, I received a habilitation degree in Economics from the same university. My research involves theoretical and empirical work on household and firm behaviour, specifically issues related to corporate finance, household finance, investment, development, innovation, the distribution of income and wealth, as well as studies of the monetary transmission process.

Several times I have had the opportunity to spend time abroad. In 2003 I was seconded to the Bank of England, Financial Stability Department, with a research project on financial constraints in the UK that became an important part of my habilitation thesis. In 1994, I was visiting researcher at the NBER in Palo Alto and Stanford University, California, studying and working on my PhD dissertation. In 1987 I served as educator in a day-care centre for children at Ceilândia near Brasília, Brazil, and in 1986 I worked as an intern at the Siemens Portugal, in Lisbon and Sabugo.

I live in Frankfurt, Germany, with my wife and two daughters. Apart from these three, I love music — singing and playing the guitar and the arabic oud. I am engaged in the music team of my church congregation. I love languages, they are the mind’s window to the world. In decreasing order of proficiency, I know German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew, both old and new. And I love the Bible. Have a look at this fascinating project.